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Mobdro Premium APK – A Must Download

Mobdro Premium APK – A Must Download – As you all know Mobdro APK is a free Android application that will allow users to watch and stream live television content from around the world on any Android device. This is a great application with lots of awesome features. When using the free version of Mobdro, there are a few limitations. Those being, you cannot use chromecast, there is no Personal Video Recorder (PVR), and you may experience 30 second advertisements before your desired television programming would commence. Although these are very minor inconveniences, some users would rather not encounter them.

To combat the above issues, we recommend users purchase the Mobdro Premium application. For the price it is definitely worth it. The overall cost has changed recently but it still remain at a few dollar per year.

So what are the main features of Mobdro Premium?

  1. Ad Free: Mobdro Premium is completely ad free and allows you to jump right into any television stream without any delay. This is a huge plus and definitely worth the Mobdro Premium upgrade in itself.
  2. Chromecast Support: With Mobdro Premium you have the ability to pair your mobile Android device with any Chromecast unit. Although many people use Mobdro on their Android TV Boxes, for those using the application on a phone or tablet, this is a great feature to have.
  3. Download Video / PVR: Unlike the free version of Mobdro, the Mobdro Premium application allows users to use the application as a PVR. Simply find a show that you like, and set the application to record. The stream will then be saved to your device for future viewing. This is a great feature for sports!!!

Please note that the above features are only a small portion of what Mobdro Premium has to offer. The Mobdro developers are a great team and are always looking at ways to make their application better and better.

How-to Download the Mobdro Premium APK?

To get the premium version of Mobdro, it is quite a simple process. First, you will want to download the free version of Mobdro. This can be done by CLICKING HERE. Once the application is installed and open, navigate to the top left corner of the screen and click on the menu tab. Once the menu is open there will be a row named “Go Premium,” click on that. When you click on this button, you will be redirected to a check out page and upon payment you will be granted with the full premium version of Mobdro.  

Is Mobdro Premium Worth It?

If you are a frequent user of the Mobdro application, Mobdro Premium is most definitely worth the small cost. The features provided, and previously discussed will provide you with an enhanced and more enjoyable experience when using the Mobdro application. If you have any questions of comments please feel free to contact us at any time by clicking HERE!

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  1. When purchasing the premium version is the quality of the streams better? I have a strong internet signal but still experience a lot of lag or freezing and the stream quality is not the greatest. Totally willing to pay if it is better. Thank you!

  2. Hi I have downloaded mobdro but there is no option for the premium purchase . There are three bars and the menu drops down just with settings, live tv etc.

    Can you please tell me what to do to purchase a mobdro subscription please.

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