Mobdro for apple tv

Mobdro for Apple TV

More and more people prefer watching movies on their smart devices nowadays. From smartphones and laptops to iPads and smart TVs, there are many options available. However, to watch online movies on these devices the user needs a video streaming app. Mobdro is one such app designed for all Apple devices available out there. The app works on any device that comes with the Apple OS including Mac PC, iOS and Apple TV. Not only you can stream movies with the help of this app but also TV shows, documentaries, sports program and news conveniently. In fact, the app makes this process quite simple and straight forward. Learn how to download and install mobdro for Apple TV in this article

What Makes Mobdro Different from Other Streaming Apps?

Mobdro for Apple TV is not just user-friendly, it also comes with a number of other features that make it unique and quite useful. You are able to browse videos available for streaming in different categories like sports, music, movies, and shows. You can also choose a channel to watch the videos that you don’t want to miss out on. There are many video formats available and you can choose one depending on the speed of your internet connection. These include HD, 1080p and lower resolution options. If you choose HD, you would need a fast internet connection to stream videos properly.

It is also possible to download videos using this app and then watch them later even when an internet connection is not available. This feature is provided in the Mobdro for Apple TV freemium version. You can even share the videos you’re currently streaming with your friends or recommend movies to others based on your experience.

How to Install Mobdro for Apple TV

Many people want to install Mobdro on Apple TV. Since Mobdro is not available on Google Play Store, you will have to do a few changes in your network settings. Enable unknown sources to be able to download the app on the TV from mobdro site. It is recommended that once the app has been downloaded on your TV, you open it using a VPN connection. Again, you would need a VPN app to be able to hide your IP address and then open the app to use its features. Although the app is safe to use on almost any kind of device, it is a good idea to implement some security measures (i.e. VPN usage) in order to hide your IP address from real world.


Mobdro for Apple TV is one of the highest rated apps for online video streaming on your TV. It has been designed to be used easily even by beginners because of its user-friendly interface. There are a lot of features to enjoy from browsing options to downloading videos for viewing offline. It is a safe and reliable app and you can download it easily from its official website. However, you might have to deal with ads when using the free version. Premium version of the app is also available with a wide range of extra features that you might want to enjoy.

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