How to Install Apk in Bluestacks

How to Install Apk in Bluestacks

From this blog, you’ll get a clear idea on how to install apk on Bluestacks. Starting with giving information on Bluestacks.

What are Bluestacks?

It is an Android emulator with which the users can run the Android games and apps on Windows computers. Many people use it for different purposes. For example, some make use of it as a temporary android device, but at the same time, some folks use it for playing games, as well as testing apps.

Now, let’s move on to the installation part.

Many people may look forward to knowing how to install APK on Bluestacks. This is the reason why we’ve presented this article.

When you download the Bluestacks, you will get access only to the software. The apps and games will not get installed by default. This indicates that if you need any app to be installed on your Android device, you have to search for it.

Methods to Install APK on Bluestacks

When it comes to APK installation on Bluestacks, there are two methods.

Method 1

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install APK on Bluestacks:

Step1: To begin with, download the Bluestacks Android emulator on your laptop or computer.

Step2: Click the icon – Google Play Store, installed on Bluestacks by default.

Step3: You see a search bar, type the name of the app that you want to install in Bluestacks.

Step4: Select the right one for the given list and click the option “install” to start the downloading of particular APK.

Step5: Wait till it gets downloaded. Once the downloading is completed, the app will get installed automatically.

Step6: Start using the app.

Method 2

The basic steps to install APK on Bluestack using the second method are:

Step1: Search the APK file that you want to install.

Step2: Once you find the APK file, download it.

Step3: Now, you will see a dialog box on the screen. Use it to move on to the folder where the APK file is downloaded.

Step4: Click the downloaded APK file and open it to install it in the Bluestacks. If you want you can drag and drop the downloaded APK file on your screen to initiate its installation.

Apart from these two methods, there is one more method to install APK on Bluestacks.

Have a look into that method as well.

Method 3

Step1: To start with the process, search for the APK file that you have to install on your Android device.

Step2: Download the APK file.

Step3: Then, move on to the location where you downloaded the APK file.

Step4: Right-click on the APK file and choose the option- “Open with”.

Step5: Now, click “bluestacks” to start the installation process of APK file Bluestacks.

Step6: Wait for the installation and once it gets completed, you will see a shortcut icon on the Bluestacks’s screen and one other icon on the menu.

Step7: Now, double-click on both of the icons to launch the app that you have installed using Bluestacks on your computer/laptop.


We are going to explain the steps to install the APK file with OBB.

How to Install APK File with OBB?


What is the OBB file?

OBB file is something, which is necessary to run the Android app. This is mainly for android app, which needs additional data along with the .APK installation file.

The general steps to install apk file with OBB are:

Step1: Search and download the apk file of the app you want to install along with its OBB file on your PC/laptop.

Step2: Now, open Bluestacks and move on to the section “My games”.

Step3: Click on the 3 bars given near the option “personalize”.

Step4: Choose “Install apk” from the options appear on the screen.

Step5: Now, you will see a pop-up of Windows Explorer. Here, move on to the folder where you have downloaded the .apk file.

Step6: Double-click the downloaded file to install the app.

Step7: Once the app gets installed, you can use it from the tap “My Games”.

Step8: Access your “System Apps” and double-click the “Media Manager” icon to open it.

Step9: Then, click on the option- Import from Windows and you will see a popup to import the OBB file.

Step10: Import it and move on to the Bluestacks and access the Google Play Store.

Step11: Search, download, install, and open the ES file explorer.

Step12: Access the “Internal Storage” and click “Storage DCIM” to open the SharedFolder, where you can place the imported OBB zip file.

Step13: Choose the OBB file and click the option “More”. Then, choose the “Extract to” option.

Step14: A popup will display on the screen, click OK and move on to the folder where it is extracted.

Step15: Select the folder (extracted file) and click the “cut” option. Then, access the Internal Storage option, choose android and then OBB.

Step16: Finally, paste the folder (extracted file) that you have cut in the OBB.


Installing APK files in Bluestacks can be quite difficult, but it can be easy if you follow any of the above-mentioned methods. The methods can help you in installing APK files easily and quickly.

I hope now you are clear with the installation process of APK files in bluestacks. You can choose the methods as per your desire and convenience.

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