mobdro common issues and how to fix it

How To Fix Common Issues Of Mobdro App?

Did you hear about the Mobdro mobile application? If you are bored at home, then you should install the app to watch some fun videos.

You see, Mobdro is an entertainment application. You can stream videos online or run the Mobdro offline, watch TV, movies, gaming videos, and more on the app. It is also known as a cord cutter app. Once you install the app, you don’t need a Tv cable connection anymore. You will probably get rid of the TV cable.

Of course, the Mobdro app is not the only app out there for entertainment. There is Netflix, Vimeo, and more, but these apps are costly. You will need to pay per month to watch movies in high quality in these platforms. Everyone cannot afford to do that. They needed something cheaper but more comfortable to use. This is where the Mobdro app comes into play.

It allows you to watch high-quality videos on your phone for free. Once you install it, the app will automatically search for videos online.

Along with that, you can use the app to download videos or convert them into audio files. However, since the app is free, there are some glitches in the app.

But overall, the app is really good. Once you learn to deal with the problems, you will never get rid of the app again.

So, let us look at the issues you may face while using this app, and how can you solve the problem by yourself.

What are the issues you may face with the Mobdro app?

As you can see, it is an amazing app for entertainment. All these nice features make it a must-have for entertainment. So, does this mean that Mobdro has no issues?

Of course, it has problems like many other apps. However, you need to keep in mind that the app is designed for Android phones.

You can’t use it if you own an iPhone or Apple device. Similarly, it is a third-party app, so you can’t find it on google store.

If you want to use it, you will need to visit the official website and download the Mobdro APK file. Then install it on your android device.

You will still notice minor bugs after installing the app, here are some common problems you may face if you download it;

Mobdro offline/ Mobdro not working offline issue

The app is specifically made for android users. Meaning it won’t run on other devices.

However, sometimes the app stops working, even in an android device. In order to fix this, you will need to visit the official website of the Mobdro app and download the install file again.

Uninstall the previous file and install the new one. The app should start running normally again.

Mobdro not connecting /not working on wifi

In some countries, the app blocks certain IP addresses. To tackle this, you can install a VPN app to access those blocked addresses.

You may think that the Mobdro is sue, but so far, it is not considered illegal or legal. It is somewhere between the two, so you can watch videos on the app using a VPN without any issue.

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Sometime you may notice that the app is not loading videos properly. During this time, you will see a gray screen or the cursor going round and round continuously.

This usually happens when the device is not connecting with the internet. To watch videos online, you need a smooth connection.

If you are running the internet on 4G, it is wise to change into a wifi connection. Although 4G connections are good enough to run videos without interruption in many regions.

There are times of the day when the 4G connection has a poor connection, as the network is shared among many. In the busy hours of the day, it will be hard to load a movie and watch it comfortably. For an uninterrupted video time, it is best to switch to a wifi connection.

Mobdro runs slow

There are two reasons you may face a slow video on the app. Either it is due to network problems as mentioned before, or it could be the website you are streaming video from.

Remember, the Mobdro app brings free videos from various websites. If the website is not streaming well, then you will face disturbances while loading videos.

Mobdro buffering/Mobdro streaming issue

On the app, you can select the video quality. Generally, all videos on the app are of high quality.

However, high-quality videos take longer to load. If your internet connections are fast enough, it should not be an issue. But to enjoy videos at its best, you may select lower quality video streaming.

High definition video will be easily disrupted with little connection problems. So, it can affect your overall experience of using the app.

If you are ok with changing the quality a bit, you can get rid of the issues you are facing. The Mobdro app lets you watch videos from 320p to 1080p, HD, SD, etc. So, it is up to you which one you want to enjoy on the app.

What you can do to solve the problems?

In order to solve the problems with the app, you can try;

Reboot your phone

When you are facing issues with watching videos on the app, you may try restarting your phone. Although if the problem is due to the streaming website itself, it won’t work.

Restarting the phone will only help when there is a problem with the application or your device storing memory or filling up the cache. In case the problem persists, you can try changing the streaming source.

Restart the application

The Mobdro app fills up that cache after some time and it stops working. When you are using the app for a while, and you noticed problems, try restarting the app to solve the problem.

Restart VPN

Since the content you are watching on the app is not all legal, it is best to use a VPN to stay on the safe side. The VPN might face some difficulties itself.
By restarting the app, it can solve the problems you are facing on the Mobdro.

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