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Do you enjoy watching FREE TV shows and movies? Looking for a FREE live TV application? Then you need to download Mobdro for your Android device. Mobdro is a free Android APK app that can be downloaded and installed on any Android device. Mobdro is a simple to use application that can be installed within minutes. To download the Mobdro Android Application follow the process mentioned below. 

 The Mobdro download is not available on the Google Play Store, and the Official Version can be downloaded directly from this website.

Mobdro for Android Download, APK, iOS, and PC. 

To Download the Mobdro application, Simply copy & paste the below URL in your browser

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Mobdro Application Specification

Mobdro live tv apkMobdro app Details
Latest Version:2.2.8 Freemium
Cost:Free Download
Last update:February 2021
Download Size:20.7 MB
Supported Devices:Androids phones, Mobdro on firestick, fire tv, PC, Kodi, Chromecast, Roku, Android box, iPhone and iPad
Features:Categories of live 4K and HD tv channels, News, movies, tv series, sports (i.e. football, golf and ufc) Music, Gaming, Tech videos, Spirituals and documentaries
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Mobdro APK Download - Update February 2021

In recent months we have received many questions from users advising that their Mobdro application has not been working. Issue that were arising included glitching and increased buffering of live streams, notices regarding that all streams are offline, and lastly a notice requesting that users input a pin number to proceed in viewing a channel or stream.

Please note that Mobdro is a free application, although there is a paid version. If you are experiencing any of these issues with Mobdro, please scroll to the top of this page to download the newest free version. The Mobdro download is free and is always updated on To download the working version Mobdro Live TV APK please click HERE.



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